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Looking for a reliable online marketing and SEO consultant? Please see the list of recommendations below and let me know I can be of any assistance in your next SEO or online marketing initiative.

Heather Stoutenburg, Freelance Copywriter, heatherwritesstuff.com

“I worked briefly with Alex at Critical Mass, and was so impressed I’ve referred him to almost every client I’ve got. Alex is driven, passionate, talented and insightful. He’s passionate about interactive marketing, and one of the most knowledgeable organic SEO experts this city’s got. I wish him all the best in his consulting endeavors, and won’t hesitate to ask for his expertise in the future.”

Scott Shamberg, SVP, Marketing & Media, Critical Mass

“Alex has a passion for digital marketing which comes through in his work ethic and what he delivers. He is a very quick learner, eager to take on additional projects so as to increase his knowlege. He has an entreprenuerial spirit which means he does not need a lot of hand holding. Alex would be an asset to any orgazination that values the Internet.”

Laura Callow, SEM Manager, Critical Mass

“Alex has enormous enthusiasm and ability. ‘We’ gave a him a few tasks to ‘test’ him initially when he first came on board. Alex came back with data and ideas that began to reform a few in-house processes in SEM and eMS due to the data he had compiled, and the way he presented its veracity and potential impact. Alex’s eMS co-ordination skills were split between SEM and eMS at Critical Mass on a number of prime accounts. Alex never missed a deadline. While I can’t speak to eMS, I can speak his instant assimilation of paid search concepts, his ability to deliver and his cognizant transference of paid search data across to SEO teams on the Mercedes Benz, Hyatt hotels and Las Vegas Conference Visitors Authority (LVCVA) sites. His talents extend far beyond the basis of his resume. As to his SEO skills, Alex is learning very fast. I would be wary of discussing anything SEO if you are not extremely well acquainted with its concepts., deliverables, and potential ROI as Alex is very well versed in this field. As a researcher or enthusiastic team member who will actually benefit you in terms of his pure intellect, nature, ability, humor, and ambition – you don’t need to look further. It would be my pleasure to be able to offer Alex a position in my new capacity…and I live by the rule ‘never say never…’ he will be an asset to his next employer. I will hold by my thought… ‘when I can Alex, I will…”

Melissa Morris, eMarketing Coordinator-Analytics and Reporting, Critical Mass

“I’ve worked with Alex for over a year he has been a huge asset to our team. He’s very dedicated, a quick learner and is extremely talented. Given how dynamic and complex our account is, Alex has been able to take on challenging tasks with enthusiasm. He’s extremely well-organized and can break down complex issues into manageable tasks. Alex has a warm and energetic personality that radiates through everything he does. He will make a great addition to your team!”

Carolyn Marit, Media Coordinator for Luxury Automotive client, Critical Mass

“Alex’s bursting passion to learn everything he could about digital media, online ad trafficking, SEO, email strategies, etc, was both refreshing and extremely valuable to our team, so much so, that his internship/mentoring term continued well past the standard period of time. Alex proved his value several times over and became a strategic asset to the Mercedes-Benz USA team, as well as other accounts within Critical Mass. His desire to learn combined with his existing expertise & high quality of work made him a fantastic ‘utility player’ contributing the successes of several campaigns. I would highly recommend Alex for a position that would utilize his related experience.”

Tyrone Murphy, Financial Analyst, Critical Mass

“I collaborated with Alex on an internal initiative and thought that he did an outstanding job in coordinating the effort and documenting the proposed changes. He made an effort to not only do what was asked of him but to understand why he was doing it and always went the extra mile. Alex was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him in future.”

Robert Anderson, eMarketing Manager, Critical Mass

“Alex has been an incredible asset to the team here at Critical Mass. He’s met any challenge with enthusiasm and a great attitude and works hard to provide exceptional support. It’s a pleasure to work with Alex.

Christian Idicula, Account Manager, Critical Mass

“Alex is a resourceful and dedicated team member. He worked with our media team and was praised by all for his hard work, his focus, and his willingness to help the team overcome very difficult challenges. Alex is a big reason for why we achieved seemingly impossible deadlines and I’m glad he was a major part of our success.”

Erika Shoup, eMarketing Manager, Critical Mass

“Alex is a joy to work with! His work is consistent and always carried out with care and professionalism.”

Morris Prokop, Associate Producer, Energy-TV, Chandran Media

“Alex has done a steller job since coming to Chandran Media. He has a great personality and is a consumate professional. We work extremely well together and have from the start. He is very good at addressing my needs and making sure the Interactive side of my job is well taken care of. I would strongly recommend hiring him anytime. Sincerely, Morris Prokop”

Kent Speakman, V.P. Accounts & Strategy, Suitcase Interactive

“Having the opportunity for our team to work closely with Alexanders team on building out the Freevi Television network was a great experience for all stakeholders in the project. Alexs’ attention to detail and ability to problem solve while keeping the project moving forward on time and on budget was very impressive. He is a great team leader and able to communicate vision to development on complex systems. Great guy.”

Helena DeVries, Senior Producer / Host, Energy TV

“Alex is an absolute pleasure to work with. During our time at Chandran Media, there was never a day I can recall when Alex didn’t have a smile on his face. He is one of the most positive people I know. He is also brilliant, talented, motivated and willing to take risks. He managed his team well and was always focused on solutions, not problems. It’s amazing how much Alex has already achieved. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Alex, and look forward to working with him again.”

Karine Vartanova, Web Designer, Freevi

“I am extremely happy to have Alex as my project manager and director. Under his thoughtful coordination I deliver products of better quality and within shorter timelines. His positive attitude and desire to make the world better motivates me is a great way. One of the most important things that I’ve learned from Alex is how to scope/plan before starting on each project, which makes my work much more effective. Another great thing that I really like about working with Alex is that he is always happy to share his wide knowledge of different web technologies and platforms.”

John Gohier, Corporate Development Manager, Freevi

“Alex is the most detail oriented individual I have ever met. He and I worked on many projects and he always had a way of showing things from an exploded view perspective. I hope to work with him again if our paths cross in the future!”

Todd Buhmiller, Operations Manager, Chandran Media/Energy TV Inc

“To Whom it may concern: I worked with Alex Zagoumenov in the past and during that time he was the team leader for the interactive department. The interactive department was responsible for creating a whole host of different applications with minimal lead time and direction. He is a very capable leader and was the only one that was able to take the upcoming tasks and distill them down to a workable plan. Most times he was dealing with lack of lead time and a very large project. He is very knowledgeable and competent individual that can look after all aspects of your website from initial design to SEO. Alex is a good guy, he will look after all of your website needs. Sincerely Todd Buhmiller Owner Widescreen Media”

Matthew Coco, Senior Developer, Apis Design Inc.

“Alex is very passionate about social media and helping others embrace it. A true asset in a time of great change in online marketing.”

Maxim Bentsianov, Graphic & web designer, Freelance

“Alex is very talented and inspiring project manager. He doesn’t waste your time — he just says what to do and it works! Very concrete, creative and clever approach. I’ve worked with Alex on huge variety of projects and I highly recommend him as a marketing specialist and project manager!”

Lusine Harutynyan, Producer, reporter, Radio Canada International

“Alexander has excellent social skills. He cares about the team he works with. He is good humored, constant, and always pushed for results. Alexander is full of enthusiasm and is strong willed.”

Raquel A. Pinto, Outreach Faciliator, CCIS

“Alex’s leadership and ability to get things done are an inspiration to us all. His unique enthusiasm and dedication in his presentations both are an inspation and a motivation. He always demonstrates an incredible initiative and a strong dedication in what he does. He is great!”

More recommendations and details of my engagement with these companies are here on my Linkedin Profile.

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