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February 14, 2014

Ask the right digital marketing questions

I’ve been meeting a few small business owners lately and I hear very similar questions and comments like:

  • We need to do inbound marketing; can you do that for us?
  • We’re looking to be more effective with our website; can you help?
  • Our Google rankings have been dropping and we need to get them back; can you do it?
  • We need to do a lot of remarketing and social media engagement; how much do you charge?
  • And many more questions like that…

Although these are all very relevant questions if you’re a business owner, they create more questions for me as a consultant. The issue is that I can’t answer these directly because I need to know more about your business.

Email marketing today

There’s a couple of things I wanted to share with you. First of all, I just launched an email marketing guide to help you get started on the right foot following all the CAN-SPAM regulations. Check my list building guide here. Let me know what you think of it in the comments here.

Second, I’ve just gone through an email marketing webinar with Marketo. Here I wanted to share with you some of the next steps for email marketing as a function of modern digital marketing mix. Here we go…

January 13, 2011

Review of “online marketing Calgary” rankings

online marketing Calgary search rankings

Just wanted to take another snapshot of my search rankings for the term “online marketing Calgary”. This time I got to #2 bypassing Vovia. Please note that the results are “depersonalized” and are based on Google.com. So, what was done to create this change in rankings?

  • regular blogging activity, I’ve recently created a number of resource pages as well as a few relevant posts
  • link building campaign focusing on terms “online marketing Calgary” and similar terms
  • change in site architecture (please see the main navigation)
  • online community participation, answering questions, commenting on relevant blogs, found through StumbleUpon.

One last thing I wanted to note is that prior to focusing on the term “online marketing Calgary” I wanted to rank well for “digital marketing Calgary“. Over time I’ve reached #1 on Google.com. Then, I changed focus to Online Marketing related terms and for the first few months I was still dominating. However, today I noticed that I’m #4. Morale: if you don’t do the work to rank  high for a particular terms, others do, and over time you loose positions.

Digital Alberta newsletter

Digital Alberta is one of a few organizations I follow in Calgary. I used to be a member and a volunteer but with too many things on the go these days I’m only an observer. Anyways, if you’re interested in technology and digital arts and you live in Calgary, Alberta, you might want to consider signing up for Digital Alberta newsletter to follow what’s going on in the industry. Also, consider signing up as a member.

Successful teams in digital media companies

This Tuesday Digital Alberta had one of its after-hours mixers. As always, Seven Restolounge was stylish, fresh snacks, networking and, of course, the discussion panel.

This time we talked about best practices in building successful teams in technology / digital start-up companies. A discussion panel (Jennifer Aubin of Techbent and Marc Wachmann of Grow Wireless) moderated by Kurtis Lesick of ACAD and a room of 20-25 people made for an intimate conversion about teams.

Here are some of my takeaways:

  • It’s more difficult to get a good team together than to motivate it, especially in Calgary.
  • Very tricky to get senior developers on board as they are looking for life-work balance.
  • It is possible to create committed remote teams of senior developers.
  • Respect is crucial in keeping the talented individuals in a team.
  • Team events (even just going for beers) really helps.
  • How do you screen a great team member? 1) ask behavioral questions, 2) talk about things not related to work (hobbies, interests).
  • Start-up teams are a certain breed. How to choose the right team members for a start-up? 1) make sure he / she is right as a person, ready to do many things, very adventurous
  • Something that has circulated in discussions before the event was