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Location-based marketing in Canada, whitepaper

I came across this great white paper by Mediative and wanted to share it with you. Among other things this whitepaper goes into a few good definitions of the term as well as a few theoretical concepts.

Location-based marketing in Canada, whitepaper

It’s a 30-page document is great but a bit skewed towards Yellow Pages media as Mediative is part of the group. Here’s a snapshot of the contents of the doc.

Great advertising campaigns: Pfizer

It’s not that often that you run into a great commercial. This one from Pfizer shocks even more: well made, very emotional and the craziest part it’s from a pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The campaign is called “More than Medication”.

The site where all traffic drives is http://www.morethanmedication.ca. The site engages with useful information both covering the viral component of the campaign and giving users valuable articles and communication tools around health and wellness theme.

The campaign is backed up by strong SEO and SEM efforts targeting “health and wellness” searchers. On top of targeting health and wellness audience in Canada, the campaign is very strong as viral. People want share it with their friends. I’m still looking for the agency responsible for this campaign. I will update the post once I find it. Help will be much appreciated.

Learning about advertising campaigns

– Marketing / advertising campaigns touch several different media of delivering information.
– Advertising is no longer a one way communication, there has to be feedback.
– Advertising is no longer on its own, it has to go in tandem with business model.
– The message here is composed of sound, colour contrast and the concept.
– Agencies are becoming ever more creative with the ways to communicate the message. For example, who would have ever known that Pfizer (medication) will start talking about More Than Medication. The message touches of very personal strings of the audience. Great campaign.
– This particular video uses great sounds / feelings transition within the commercial.
– Great play on colours too!