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December 23, 2012

SEO infographic: A Contrographic by Subtle Network

To continue the quest for collecting good SEO infographics here, I’d like to share another one with you. I recently got an email from a company called Subtle Network that designed an SEO infographic for PointBlank SEO and asked me if I could share it on my blog. And here’s what I’m doing here, with pleasure!

What’s special about this SEO infographic?

This infograhpic shows a lifecycle of an SEO, which, speaking from experience, is quite true. To add a critique point: it took me awhile (I needed to read an entire piece to get what was going on). Some of the other ones SEO infographics were usually clear from the headline or sub-headline at the most. I hope this is something they’ll improve on in the future. Still kudos to creators for an interesting, non-standard infographic, aka contrographic.