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February 13, 2014

Does Google know about my website?

Does Google know about my website?

Being indexed by Google or Bing is the first step to ranking. A search engine needs to know that your pages exist before it can place you at the top. There’s a number of ways to check if your site is properly indexed. I’m going to share the easiest way with you.

Your actual website pages

First of all, check how many pages you have on your website. You either know it by now by heart or you can check all the major links on your site including links to articles. Please note that a page is anything with unique URL (address) and preferably unique content. If you have a WordPress-based site, then you can easily see the count on the dashboard…

small business seo wordpress pages

Pages Google / Bing knows about

Second you check to see if the same number of pages (at least similar) is indexed by Google. Here’s how you do it: Open Google.com and in the search box type: site:YourDomainName.com (try both with and without the www.). Take a look right under the search navigation, that’s the number of pages on your site Google knows about.

small business seo google indexing

By the way, same works for Bing search engine…

small business seo bing indexing

Compare the two

Finally, make sure that the two number 1) pages you know about and 2) pages Google shows are about the same. If the difference is within 10%, then you should be fine. If it’s more, put it on your SEO todo list.

Easy, isn’t it? Yet it’s a very important piece of info if you want to improve search engine visibility and traffic. Stay tuned for more simple and practical solutions for small businesses and make sure you submit your questions here. I’m looking forward to answering those in my small business SEO guide.

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    Wow this is cool thanks for the information this way I can really check how much exposure my website is getting thanks a lot bro keep up the good work.

  • Cameron

    Hi thanks for the useful tip really cool, I tried different ways of finding if my Website is indexed or not in both Google and Bing search results, tried many things but this trick of your seems to be the best thanks a lot.

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    I check my website http://webcom-media.com/ this way too. Thanks for article.

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    thanks, this is a very simple way to ensure you are getting the most from your search engine optimization efforts.