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Infographic: Google vs. Facebook advertising

There’s a number of options to advertise your product or service on the internet. The two primary online advertising providers these days are Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising. I came across a good infographic on the subject and wanted to share it with you below. Click on the image to see a bigger version.

Overview of Facebook Advertising

I know you like to look at infographics and by all means do that, but here’s a few key takeaways in words:

  • This infographic is based on a review of display ads (ads with pictures / images)
  • Google is the winner, at least so far mainly due to more diverse ad formats offered
  • Google is also stronger for its larger network coverage
  • Depending on your goals and the audience you’d like to reach, Facebook may be the choice for your campaign
Enough words, here’s the actual infographic below. Thanks to WordStream for putting it together!
Facebook vs. Google Display Advertising - Comparing the value of the world's largest advertising venues. [INFOGRAPHIC]
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