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Keyword research

Keyword research is no longer only about finding keywords with high volume of searches and relatively low competition for them. You can use free tools such as Google Keyword Tool to find that out. Today it’s more about understanding the audience and the process that your audience uses to find your website.

Keyword research services

Keyword research topics

  • understanding your audience and the ways they use search engines to find your website
  • understanding their decision making process
  • understanding different types of searcher’s intent as he / she uses search engines
  • understanding what keywords are used by your key search competitors
  • identifying keyword niches with the most opportunity to get you a sale

Keyword research documentation

  • Keyword research data file. It’s an MS Excel spreadsheet with all the raw data from the research. It will contain all the quantitative data for your keyword lists and niches of keywords. You will be able to use this document to both organic search engine¬†optimization¬†(SEO) and your pay per click campaign development. “Two birds with one stone” as they say.
  • Keyword research notes. This printer friendly PDF will go over the audience insight explained above as well as provide you with recommendations to use raw keyword research data in the future. It will also provide you with shortlists of keywords you should use to maximize your SEO results.

You will also get a 2-hour consultation with me over the phone or Skype. This will help you understand the documents produced as well as identify the next steps for successful search marketing strategy execution.

What are your next keyword research steps?

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