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Conversion optimization

When your website visitor fills out a contact form, requests a quote or contacts you through your website we say a conversion has happened. In other words your “visitor” has graduated into a “convert”. Conversion optimization deals with improving page elements to simplify user experience and increase the number of conversion on your pages.

Conversion optimization, Results

When dealing with conversion optimization projects I look at the following key areas:

Identifying conversion goals

Prior to changing anything on your website we’ll go through the site together to identify key products or services your company offers. We’ll look at the pages that need to be optimized for better conversion. We’ll setup goals both by type of conversion and the number of conversions to be reached on monthly basis.

Optimize your pages for better conversion

Once the goals are set, I’ll go and tweak the key pages for better conversion, install tracking codes and setup proper goals in your website analytics tracking system such as Google Analytics.

Tracking conversion optimization results

After the initial optimization of your “converting” pages is done I’ll be monitoring the process to identify weak spots and optimize the pages further. We will me meeting on regular basis to discuss actions, results as well as future goals to be reached.

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