Website SEO: Link building, step 6

Website SEO: Link building, step 6

Link building is important because the more sites link back to you the more authority your site has in the eyes of a search engines. It’s like “it’s better when people tell good things about you, than when you go and talk about yourself”.

Not all links are created equal. These are some of the key things that differentiate links:

  • dofollow and nofollow links. In other words, links that transfer
  • one way, two way and even three way. You should be interested in one way links.
  • links from directories, social bookmarking sites, blog articles, blog comments, etc. The more diverse your links sources are the better.
  • links from quality, trusted, authoritative websites. These links you need! Although it may take awhile to get a link from an authority website, but it’s definitely worth it. For example your article gets published in TechCrunch. Or your product is cited in New York Times.
  • links from general resources and industry-specific resources

Without getting into too many details, there’s a few things to keep in mind when linkbuilding:

  • Pay attention to both quantity and quality, having said that quality of links is always more important. It’s way better to have one link from New York Times and a hundreds thousands of links from questionable directories.
  • Make sure links that you are getting are from relevant resources (for the most part).
  • Anchor text is super important. Anchor is linked text. A good anchor for an SEO Service company is SEO Service. Also make sure to differentiate your anchors. For example, instead of using just SEO Service use multiple anchors like SEO company, SEO Service, SEO Reports, etc.
  • Take a snapshot of your current link profile (sites that link back to you). There’s a section on how to do it in my previous post on taking SEO performance snapshots. Once you have that base number you can track your month-to-month easily.

There are tools available that will help you discover sites to link to, monitor your link building activity and manage your link building process. Below are only a few options forĀ link building tools.

  • Backlink watch (Free): helps you monitor who links back to you, what anchor text is used and if it’s a dofollow or nofollow link.
  • Link Builder tool from Wordtracker (Paid): I have not used it but for some reason I trust these guys. This is supposed to be a multi-purpose tool to help you run your link building program.
  • Linkscape and Open Site Explorer tools by SEOmoz (Free): these two are free link building tools from a reliable vendor.
  • List of tools at Search Engine Land (Free and paid): this is a comprehensive list of solid tools by a solid publisher.

This list should be sufficient. You can, of course, search Google to find more link building tools but I recommend you get to work of actually link building and NOT looking for better tools and evaluating alternatives. Believe me, I spent countless hours looking at tools only to find out that the link building work was not happening.

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  • Lazer Epilasyon Merkezleri

    We are all busy promoting sites wasting our time on links instead of content and cluttering up the web with garbage at the same time. If only some search engine leader would rank sites on original content instead.

  • Zagoumenov

    Here’s a great infographics explaining how links work and how they affect your site’s authority: I don’t personally think that PR number is of any value any longer, but the way this inforgraphics shows it is very easy to understand link works.

  • Marie

    Thanks for all the information. I’m still learning about all of the link building techniques. I have found a lot of helpful sites for link building opportunities. Have you used at all? I recently started using it and so far so good, but I’m wondering if other people are using it the way I am.

  • Zagoumenov

    Marie, thank you for sharing the link. What are some of the ways you’re using the tool? How does it help you specifically? I like what it does but how can I benefit by it on daily basis? Thanks again!

  • Marie

    Zagoumenov, I’ve been using as a place to search for articles and blogs for link building opportunities. I ended up signing up for the Pro account which for me seems to be the most helpful aspect of I can save my keywords and keep them organized, and for me it’s a huge time saver because everything I need to do my link building is there. So for daily basis use it’s great because I can log in and instantly have my keywords there and search them and get the most current results. Plus I used to use Google blog to find link building opportunities and brings in Google blog and news results and others, I like Icerocket, so I’m not going to multiple sources for blogs and articles. I really like using it, try it out some more and hopefully it will be as helpful for you as it is for me; but, remember I use the Pro account so maybe try that and see what you think.

  • Zagoumenov

    Thank you, Marie!

  • Seth

    Hi .. thanks for the post Link Building really helps us to improve a certain site. You need to have strategies that are really successful for he benefit of the audience and of course for the client. Thanks for your post. I’ve also learned. Continue to be on the top!

  • MS Dhoni

    I like your blog. Thank you so much for such a nice post. Your time will help us to increase our knowledge.

    • Alexander Zagoumenov

      Maria, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you liked the blog. Feel free to browse around, I’m sure there’s at least a couple of other articles you may like.

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