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August 17, 2010

Social media demographics: research, findings, sources

I attended a meeting where a few people were discussing age groups who uses social networks the most. I wasn’t comfortable shooting from the hip with “valuable insights” (mainly because there were so many different demographics involved) on it so I decided to go and do some research. Here’s the result of my social media demographics research. This article can help you find where your audience is.


  • People talk, but it does not necessarily mean that these talks are substantiated by real research
  • There’s more female on MySpace and Facebook than male. However, if you want to socialize with boys go to Digg and Reddit.
  • MySpace is a place for young and middle-class people, whereas Linkedin hosts a lot of 75-99k folks as well as leads in all categories above 100k.
  • There’s a lot of graduates that are looking for a job on Linkedin. MySpace leads with people with “some college” education.
  • Want to talk to 55-64? Go to Linkedin. 0-17 babies are all on MySpace.
  • According to Google Ad Planner, the most active social network age group in the U.S. is 35-44.
  • Bebo has a lot of kids and Classmates.com is the biggest on 65+ age group.


I’d appreciate if you can share some of your sources for social media statistics. Also, here’s a few related notes that you may find useful in connection to the whole social media virus that’s been going around for a while now.

Social media marketing and the tip of the iceberg

Since the election campaign last year Jo Williams and I have been working on a few social media projects together. One of the biggest thing we agree on is that social media as presented by the main stream is just a top of the iceberg. There’s a lot more that goes into a successful social media marketing initiative than just having the profiles setup. Jo is amazing at locating and sharing great content on social media marketing. Here’s one of her latest shares from Social Media Examiner:

How companies benefit by using Twitter

Just reading an article at iMediaConnection about Twitter Experiments and how companies are using Twitter to get closer with their customers, create and enrich the conversations. I’m still one of those who has no solid idea on how to use Twitter productively for business purposes. Please let me know how your company benefited by twitter. In turn I’ll post my insights on the tool. Below is the snippet of the article with URL.

Article Highlights:

  • H&R Block’s feed is 75 percent @replies
  • Glam Media’s Tinker allows brands to sponsor filtered Twitter feeds about hot topics
  • A mobile L.A. eatery uses Twitter to keep customers aware of its location
  • Microsoft sponsors a collection of tweets from top executives

To read the article: 5 Twitter marketing experiments

And if social media is about storytelling, then…

Tell your marketing story with Storify

Great marketing is about telling great stories. Any story starts with source’s experience. Also, a story requires tools that enable the source to convey the story to the receiver.

Storify is a great social media tool that helps people tell their marketing stories. I’ve been following the development of this tool for some time now today noticed that Storify launched a plugin for WordPress. I wanted to quickly try it out. Here’s my first try at using Storify to collect social media info about on-page SEO.

Feel free to register and play with this marketing tool. I’m sure there are ways that writers, SEOs and social media players can use it.

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