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SEO audit services

SEO Audit

Website SEO audit is a 360-degree tool that will allow you to see the weak spots and provide you with a clear set of instructions on how to fix them.

SEO services

SEO Services

Need to rank your website to get quality leads from Google, Bing or Yandex? Let us know and we’ll put a custom plan for your website.

SEO consulting

SEO consulting

Have a question on SEO for your website? Need an experienced opinion on an issues? Let’s schedule a discovery call.

Some of the coolest companies I’ve worked with

Some of the coolest companies I worked with

Colleague & client testimonials

“…Alex’s eMS co-ordination skills were split between SEM and eMS at Critical Mass on a number of prime accounts. Alex never missed a deadline. While I can’t speak to eMS, I can speak his instant assimilation of paid search concepts, his ability to deliver and his cognizant transference of paid search data across to SEO teams on the Mercedes Benz, Hyatt hotels and Las Vegas Conference Visitors Authority (LVCVA) sites. His talents extend far beyond the basis of his resume…” Read the rest of Laura’s testimonial.

Laura Callow

SEM Manager, Critical Mass

“I worked briefly with Alex at Critical Mass, and was so impressed I’ve referred him to almost every client I’ve got. Alex is driven, passionate, talented and insightful. He’s passionate about interactive marketing, and one of the most knowledgeable organic SEO experts this city’s got…”. Read the rest of Heather’s testimonial.

Heather Stoutengurg

Copywriter, Heather Writes Stuff

Alex has a passion for digital marketing which comes through in his work ethic and what he delivers. He is a very quick learner, eager to take on additional projects so as to increase his knowledge. He has an entrepreneurial spirit which means he does not need a lot of hand holding. Alex would be an asset to any organization that values the Internet.

Scott Shamberg

SVP, Marketing & Media, Critical Mass

I worked with Alex on Barb’s Campaign, there he looked after the website and all the social media aspects of the campaign… He was extremely detailed, very easy to work with and responded to demands instantly. He is a very hard worker, super friendly and cares for everyone!

Darby Young

Barb Higgins Campaign for Mayor of Calgary

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Alex Zagoumenov

Alex Zagoumenov

Inbound marketing & SEO consultant

My team and I work to make your website rank in Google, Bing and Yandex. Drop me a line and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers!